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Friday, September 01, 2006

Troops gone AWOL – defections continue unabated

Also in the news: Amnesty Intr. Concerned for Professor Messfin (NEW), letter to Addisu Leggese, Arab League blames Ethiopia, Merara’s ONC issues a complaint and more of today’s top stories
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Ogaden Online is reporting that it has received reports from the town of Bilcile confirming the defection of up to twenty-eight soldiers from the Ethiopian military stationed there. Reports add that the soldiers who left their positions escaped with all their military gear.

Up to now the movement and whereabouts of these twenty-eight soldiers are unknown. Unconfirmed reports indicate that these defecting military personnel have communicated a request for a safe passage to the ONLF.

In a related story, Garowe news has said that at least 12 Ethiopian soldiers based in the Puntland city of Galkayo are missing from their base since Tuesday night. The soldiers carried out their ordinary military duties during the day but failed to return to base, raising more concerns regarding the morale of the Ethiopian military. Ethiopian troops have been inside Puntland regions with the blessing of Puntland President Mohamud "Adde" Muse, who said the Ethiopians are in Galkayo to help train Puntland's security forces.

Amnesty international: statement Regarding Professor Mesfin 01/9/2006

Human rights defender Professor Mesfin Woldemariam has reportedly responded well to treatment for pneumonia in Addis Ababa's Police Hospital. However, he has now been returned to Kaliti Prison, where the harsh conditions of detention mean that his health is likely to deteriorate.(More...)

Ethiopian protesters lobby world church meeting in Geneva

Geneva (ENI). A meeting in Geneva of the main governing body of the World Council of Churches has opened with a demonstration outside its headquarters against one of the church grouping's eight presidents, Patriarch Abune Paulos of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. About 60 demonstrators gathered outside the WCC's Geneva offices, waving Ethiopian flags and chanting "Paulos is not Ethiopia's spiritual leader," and, "He's not our patriarch." A handful of uniformed police watched them. (

The Oromo National Congress complains of harassment by government agents


Open Letter to Addisu Leggese
(Getachew Gardew)


Today's Tops Stories

-Arab League blames Kenya and Ethiopia on derailing the Khartoum talks
-Mesfin Woldemariam by EthioZagol
-New round of fighting is feared in Darfur
-No action imminent against defiant Iran
-Gene therapy frees men of cancer
-New Skype Phone Doesn't Need PC or Wi-Fi
-Merkel trumps Rice on power list
-Upsets at Video Music awards