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Monday, August 21, 2006

Kinijit’s Two Day Meeting a Huge Triumph!

*Press release from kinijit, Update on Professor Mesfin’s condition, Andargachew shares his views, Ethiopian Troops in Baidoa and today’s top stories - below*

EPRDF Government Displaces the Anuak

Anuak refugee children in Sudan Photo by Obang Metho

Enough of this power struggle between the brutal government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and the Ethiopian people! Does the EPRDF not know that they cannot find enough force to hang on forever when the people all over Ethiopia are saying—enough? Can they not see the signs of the end and give up? Must they be so relentless in hanging on to the last threads of a dictatorship doomed to fail! They must be recognizing their fragile condition as they have become increasingly relentless in worsening the situation, a move that some see as the last desperate moves of a dying regime. Yet, as they do, increasingly more people are suffering.(More...)

Kinijit’s Two Day Meeting a Huge Triumph

Press release from Kinijit (Amharic)

Professor Mesfin update


Doctors who carried out medical tests confirmed that professor Mesfin is suffering from pneumonia. He has loss of appetite, decreased activity and breathing difficulties. When two days ago he was taken to hospital, eye witnesses said that he could barely walk. Pneumonia is a common lung infection at the Kaliti jail where hundreds of people live in one cell. Police hospital sources claimed that the 76 years old academic and human rights activist is now in a better condition.(More...)

Awash Park to stop operation because of shortage of budget

According to Arega Mekonen, manager of Awash Park within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the federal government had not allocated a budget for the park and workers are facing problems since pastoralists in the locality graze their cattle in the park.(More...)

Today's Top Stories

- North West Ethiopian Soccer Tournament in Vancouver ,Canada ( September 2-3, 2006 )
- Addis Voice interviews Ato Andargachew Tsigie
- Ethiopia troops approach Baidoa
- Ethiopians remain defiant, says Addis Ferenji (EM)
- Somali premier names new cabinet to face Islamists
- DR Congo run-off could be best result
- Israel wants Italy to lead peacekeeping force
- HIV Turns Off Immune Cells