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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ethiopian Govt. combating its own Citizens

Also in the news: leaked documents, defecting diplomats and other top stories of the day

(By Sintayehu Tefera, Ethiopian Politics Contributor)

Abraham Lincoln once said that a government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. The opposite is also true; a government of a select few, by the select few, for the select fews’ friends and family; will only stick around for a short period of time. Through out Ethiopia’s long history many have made the fundamental error of neglecting this truth. For some unintelligent reason; many of Ethiopia’s rulers believed they were the special exception to this law. Of course, they all ended up being very disappointed.

The EPRDF led government of Ethiopia is on a path to repeating this mistake. A newly leaked document of government communiqué exposes a plan to compile an extensive list of pro-democracy activists for intimidation and bullying purposes. The fact that communiqués and office memos are constantly being leaked to the press is a sign of the corrosion of trust between the government and its own employees.

The Enemy

Photo by Andrew Heavens

It is time for the EPRDF to take the hint or prepare to be yet another tragic footnote in Ethiopia’s history. If we have learned anything from South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, it is that redemption is possible for those who seek it. Carpe diem EPRDF or perish.

Spy "diplomats"

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the TPLF Government has recently distributed a circular for its Embassies and Consular Affairs throughout the world. The circular, which is a follow-up of a previous “Strategic Plan” which was sent to Embassies earlier this year, orders all Embassies to prepare a comprehensive report on the implementation of the “Strategic Plan” that was targeted against opposition leaders, popular Ethiopians, former diplomats and all Ethiopians in the Diaspora who are active in the struggle against the regime. (More...)

Senator Obama hailed as hero on visit to dad's village

It was a surreal homecoming, Obama said, considering that the last time he came to this part of Kenya he walked a half-mile to the bus depot after taking the overnight train. This time, East African Flight 301 announced his presence to passengers onboard and deposited him a few steps from a waiting caravan. "Obviously there's been a big shift in terms of my travel accommodations," the Illinois Democrat said. "The last time I arrived in my grandmother's village, there was a goat in my lap and some chickens." (More...)

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