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Friday, August 25, 2006

Ethiopians in America Vehemently Protest Addisu Legesse’s Visit

Also in the news: Islamic court issues a warning, Ethiopian Troops in Baidoa Airport, sea of lies and other top stories of the day

Addisu Leggese (Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia) was mate with furious protestors who demanded the immediate release of all political detainees currently languishing in prisons in Ethiopia. FREE OUR LEADERS! Chanted the protestors, affirming their solidarity with the prisoners in Kality. This demonstration is yet another confirmation that Kinijit’s spirit is alive and gaining significant strength in the diaspora!

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Ethiopia must leave, or 'face all out war'

Mogadishu - Islamists controlling much of southern Somalia warned Ethiopia on Thursday of "full-scale war" unless it withdraws troops allegedly sent to defend the country's weak transitional government. The warning was delivered as forces loyal to the increasingly powerful Islamist movement advanced toward a town north of the capital lost earlier this week to warlords reportedly backed by Ethiopian soldiers.(More...)

Ethiopian Troops Take Control of Baidoa Main Airport

Uncertain number of heavily armed Ethiopian forces with fifteen battlewagons has seized control of the main airport in Baidoa where the Somali fragile government is seated, Reliable source told Shabelle. It is not yet known whether these Ethiopian troops are the ones who were previously stationed in Baidoa or new ones.The Union of Islamic Courts stipulated their participation in the Khartoum reconciliation conference over the Ethiopian forces in some parts of Somalia. (More...)

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