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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Week in Review

Catch-up on major news events you missed in the past week-And the weekend’s top stories!

Weekend top Stories

    A message from Kinijit-UEDF Support Groups

    The non-elected Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Addisu Legesse, is coming to the Boston area this weekend to advance EPRDF propaganda under the cover of "promoting investment and development in the Amhara Region”. This is part of the fascist regime's strategy to minimize and disregard the massive and systematic crackdown on dissent and opposition, and prolonging their stay in power. He knows as well as we do, that investment and development can successfully be implemented only in an atmosphere of good governance

    He, as all the others in his party, were voted out of office but chose to hold on to power by brutally cracking down on the thousands of civilians that gave the EPRDF a vote of no confidence and democratically elected other candidates, the majority of whom have since been detained in abysmal conditions in Qaliti and are facing fabricated but serious charges in a kangaroo court. The issues we care about are:


    If they want dialogue, it should be with our leaders in Qaliti Prison!
    If they want dialogue, it should be with our leaders in Qaliti Prison!
    We will not allow such a propaganda event in Boston!

    We are calling on ALL Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to join us outside the Knights of Columbus 363 Washington St., Brighton, MA 02135 on Sunday, Aug. 27th, 2006 at 2:00PM to let them know that they're not welcome in our city.

    If they want investment and development, they should allow peace and stability, not a reign of terror!

    So, come one, come all, let us show our solidarity with our people, and tell Addisu that ONLY the establishment of democratic institutions, AND a full and independent investigation of every barbaric act by the regime and its agents can bring about the appropriate environment for any kind of dialogue. He cannot be parading with his entourage in our city while our people are suffering.

    The Support Groups for Kinijit and United Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF) - Boston
    -Government inciting ethinic clashes and Hailu Shawel's health deteriorates
    -Urgent Appeal to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
    -UN: Israel Used Illegal Cluster Bombs In Lebanon
    -Iran opens nuclear project
    -On your donkeys, SA police told
    -Elton John planning to record a hip-hop album