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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Visiting the Leaders in Kality:
What is it like?

Also in the news: Trouble in the army, Prison officers in Kality under extreme scrutiny , Dr. Merrera's bid for chairmanship blocked, Somali refugees, Miss A.A.U and more of today’s top stories

Visiting the Leaders in Kality: What is it like?

photo by ethiopiahagere

Visiting time for CUD prisoners is 3:00-4:00pm local time. At the gate you are required to show a Kebele ID or a passport. Then you will go directly to the ‘lobby’ and establish a queue to be registered. The prisoners are divided into THREE ZONES. In most cases these zones correlate with the cells where the prisoners are staying . You must know where the person you plan to visit belongs, i.e. which zone. Otherwise, you would be waiting for a while. While visiting a prisoner you can shake hands. There will be at least one police in between to hear what you are discussing and in case you may give/take any written material. (More...)

Somali refugees stream into Addis Ababa

Mahamad Mattamand Abdi, 29, is a refugee who says he arrived in Ethiopia two weeks ago by car. “I came here with 40 other people, leaving my family behind. But we agreed that they will follow me after I settle down here,” Mahamad said. “People in Somalia fear that a war might break out between the UIC and the Transitional Federal Government, so we left.” Mahamad added that he and his group had no problem entering Ethiopia through Jijiga, more than 700 kms east of Addis Ababa. (More...)

Boiling trouble in the Army lands General in a Hospital

Major General Bacha Dabale, Commander of EPRDF’s troops in the east, is rushed to hospital following a tense stand off with troops. Reliable sources in the Ethiopian army report that Major General Bacha Dabale was airlifted by helicopter from East to Addis Ababa yesterday.Following the defection of Brigadier General Kemal Gelchu, Commander of the 18th division, one of the most decorated, along with hundreds of troops, loyal commanders of the regime have been conducting marathon meetings with the soldiers to defuse the situation and avert further defections.(More...)

Miss A.A.U - 2006

It is nearing the end of the Ethiopian year and as it has been the tradition of the Addis Ababa University’s students, this was time to have a beauty pageant and select the Miss Addis Ababa University 2006. And it was on a show that was held last Sunday that the Miss AAU was chosen. But this time the committee has set a challenge for the winner by attaching the title with a task of publicizing the problems of fistula that is prevalent around the countryside rather in Addis Ababa.
The winner for the 2006 Miss Addis Ababa University is the 21-year-old sophomore architecture student Selam Tewahsom. (More...)

Today's Top Stories

-Prison officers in Kality under extreme scrutiny: Government trying to figure out how Dr. Berhanu’s book was smuggled out.
-Deputy Prime Minister Addisu Legesse's San Jose Meeting boycotted (EM)
-NEBE blocks Dr. Merrera's bid for chairmanship
-The ETV and its never ending dullness
-Somali Islamists open militia training camp
-Deadline set for abducted Fox men
-"Proof" of dark matter found
-The mysteries of the equator
-Osama Wanted to Always Love Whitney Houston?