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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kinijit a Central Theme in Yesterday’s BuHe Celebrations

*Kaliti Prison update, Ethiopian Troops capture Bandiriley, urgent appeal from amnesty international, Ethiopian MP in solitary confinement. And other top stories of the day.*


Ethiopian MP thrown in solitary confinement for raising his voice at an American Diplomat

On August 11, 2006, the Secretary of CUDP, Muluneh Eyuel, who with other leaders of the party is falsely accused of treason and attempted genocide by the Ethiopian government, met the American Charge d'affaires in Addis Ababa, Ambassador Vicki Huddlestone. The ambassador told Ato Muluneh that the way forward for Ethiopia was reconciliation between the government and the jailed leaders of CUDP. When Muluneh reminded the Mrs. Huddlestone that his party had always stretched its hands for talks, the ambassador replied that it is still possible to have talks if he and his colleagues in writing accept the country's constitution. It was reported that Muluneh angrily said to her that she wasn't serious enough to be an honest broker.(More...)

Urgent Appeal - Amnesty International

From: Dr Martin Hill, Amnesty International and
Lena Rösell, Swedish Chapter of Amnesty International

The 5th Horn of Africa Conference meeting of scholars in Lund, Sweden from 19-20 August 2006 on the theme of “The Role of Diasporas in Peace, Democracy and Development” has heard with deep concern of the critical ill-health of our academic colleague Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, who has been detained since November 2005 and is facing capital charges of instigating violence and other offences arising out of post-election demonstrations.(More...)

Kaliti Prison update

Dr Yakob W/M looks fine in his familiar cap. To me, he looks like he lost a few pounds , if I remember him correctly. Eng. Gizaw as usual with his warm smile salutes everybody around him. I saw Yenenh talking with his friends and family members. He definitely looks fine and healthy. Dr Hailu Araya is visible, he has his hair cut short unlike his previous style I used to remember. Physically he looks very fit. (More...)

Today's Top Stories

-Ethiopian troops capture Bandiriley, in Galka’yo Mudug
-Somali Islamists ban animal trade
-Iran ready for 'serious negotiations'
-Climate linked to plague increase
-Scientists: 'Hobbit' was ancestor of pygmy
-Russian solves historic math problem, shuns prize