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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ethiopian’s to Celebrate the life of Tsegaye G/Medhin

*Ethiopians in Israel, Dr. Berhanu talks about Lidetu in his New Book (Amharic), Death toll set to top 1000, OLF urges Kenya not to get involved and other top stories of the day- below*

In January, 1999 issue of the Amharic paper, Kebrit, Tsegaye was asked why most of his plays were tragedies, he replied;

"Manifold wars and violence have been visited upon the common people relentlessly to snuff out freedom from the Ethiopian soul—the one distinguishing characteristic that makes the Ethiopian what he is and that enables him to walk with his chin up no matter what his material condition may be.

So, the Ethiopian continues to sustain war and suffering in order to preserve his freedom. Ruling elites have been exploiting his willingness to sacrifice all for freedom. Feudal lords set the people to fight one another internally even as they fight against external enemies. Because of his extraordinary love of freedom, the Ethiopian bears any burden and goes to any length without food, without shoes or enough clothes and supplies to fight and die for his freedom. This is what has won the Ethiopian respect among fellow Africans and many others. Even as we speak it is this uncompromising love of freedom that makes him vulnerable to vultures within; he has yet to relax. It seems that succeeding regimes devise new ways divide, exploit and consume him/her for their own selfish ends and to build their power on his shoulders. I like to go out and communicate with the common folks of Ethiopia—the peasant, the patriot, the soldier, the traitor, the the housewife, the priest, the sheikh etc...It is from them that I learn about my country and people. And generally their comments are accompanied by near tears; their stories are mostly melancholy; their memories are bitter and tragic.. It is that which I reflect in my writings." (Excerpts from Professor Negussay Ayele's article, A Short Walk Through His Literary Park)

On August 26, 2006 Ethiopian’s from all walks of life are invited to celebrate the life of this remarkable POET LAUREATE at the Howard University campus. For more information Visit the official site for the festivity.

Ethiopians In Israel

(by Donald N Levine)

For all the talk about ethnic self-determination in Ethiopia, almost no attention has been paid to the one and only ethnic group that actually seceded from Ethiopia–the Beta Israel, formerly called Falasha, whose entire population left the country. The story of their secession is full of drama, intrigue, suffering, and jubilation–and, like so much else about Ethiopia, fraught with misunderstandings.(More...)

An Excerpt from Dr. Berhanu’s New Book regarding Mr. Lidetu



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- Death toll 'set to top 1000' as floods cripple Ethiopia
- OLF urges Kenya not to get involved
- Sharon 'stable' after new lung infection
- 3,400 bodies make July 'deadliest month' in Iraq
- Solar System Could Gain New Planets Under Definition Change
- 'Cannibals' confess in Mozambique
- It's now or never: find Elvis for $3 million