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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One dead eleven injured in Adama University riots - ethnic violence

Also in the news: walk for the prisoners in Kality, Somali peace deal struck, Govt. blames Somali extremists and more of today’s top stories!

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Kenenisa Bekele from Ethiopia celebrates after crossing the finish to win the Men's 5000 meters race at the Istaf, the final IAAF Golden League track and field meeting in Berlin on Sunday, Sept. 3, 2006. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

One dead eleven injured in Adama University riots

Violence flared at the Adama University, (formerly known as Nazareth Technical College and Adama Technical Teachers College) with ethnically agitated chaos reportedly claiming a student's life, and injuring eleven others. Sources also disclosed that classes have so far not resumed and have been closed for more than a week now. Established in September 1993, Adama University is the first institute in the country to offer degree programs for technical and business teachers. The university adopted its current name last year in July, 2005. (The Capitol)

Ethnic Violence is becoming a common occurrence in Ethiopia; last week two buildings housing student dormitories in Jimma (Alemaya) University were burned down after ethnic violence erupted at the university. Analysts blame EPRDF’s so called ethinic federalism for the rise in ethnic based violence in Ethiopia.

Walk for the imprisoned leaders in Kality

In an effort to bring the community's focus back to the imprisoned leaders, the Kinijit DC-Metro Support Chapter has launched a series of creative projects. One of these projects is sponsoring a "5KM Walk” for Ethiopia’s Political Prisoners, scheduled for September 23, 2006. Ato Yilma Adamu, chairman of the board for the DC-Metro Support Chapter, on a statement released to Ethiopian Politics and other major Ethiopian news sources, stated “We expect the 5KM walk to be a great Ethiopian event, a great Kinijit event and a great Ethiopian community day. We encourage people to come join us in DC for this colorful event.” See flyer for the event.

Somali peace deal struck

SOMALIA'S powerful Islamic movement and weak government signed an interim peace accord late today that calls for the formation of a unified national army and police force, officials said. The four point agreement reached after three days of Arab League-mediated talks commits the two sides to respecting a previous June 22 mutual recognition and truce pact and not to seek military aid from neighbouring states, they said.(More...)

Govt. blames Somali extremists for bomb blast in Jigjiga town

At least one person has killed and seven others injured in a weekend grenade assault in southeast Ethiopian town. Another grenade, apparently intended to target regional officials, was thrown shortly after the first hit a bar late Sunday in the town of Jijiga, about 720 kilometers from the capital, but failed to detonate Ethopian police said on Monday.(More...)

New Years celebrations at the Sheraton

For the celebration of the Ethiopian New Year 1999, the Sheraton Addis brings to its stage, Ja Rule, Aster Aweke, Mahmoud Ahmed, Ephrem Tamiru, Hamelmal Abate and the Fab Four band.(More...)

Today's Top Stories

-Nigerians to teach Ethiopian students...(Lord have mercy!)
-Ethiopian airlines losing record number of employees
-Bush and Iraq war are the issues as U.S. election approaches
-Tape 'shows crocodile hunter’s last moments'
-Mussolini's grandson calls for the body of 'Il Duce' to be exhumed?
-Abducted Israeli Soldier to Be Transferred to Egypt, Abbas Says
-Materazzi breaks Zidane silence
-India drug gives Alzheimer's hope