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Friday, August 11, 2006

Protesters Clash with Riot Police In Addis Ababa

*Update HS's Condition, Demonstrations in Somalia, Dr. Levine on Public radio, General kemal and Today’s Top Stories*

The Struggle Continues

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Ethiopians clash with riot police In Addis Ababa

Aug 11, 2006 (ADDIS ABABA) — Riot police fired rubber bullets and tear gas Friday at hundreds of stone-throwing Muslims who were protesting the demolition of a mosque in Ethiopia’s capital.People screamed and fled as the clash began. Several people were bleeding in the streets. (More...)

General Kemal Gelchi on ERI-TV

In an interview with ERI-TV in the evening hours yesterday, Brig. General Kemal Gelchi who arrived in Eritrea along with hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers opposing the TPLF regime, stated that their arrival in Eritrea is in continuation to the popular uprising by the entire Ethiopian people and members of the armed forces in a bid to ensure respect to the rule of law in the country. shabait. (Video)

Donald Levine - Public Radio interview

Professor of Sociology - University of Chicago:Donald Levine's research and teaching interests focus on classical social theory, modernization theory, Ethiopian studies, conflict theory and aikido, and philosophies of liberal education. He is the author of Wax and Gold, Greater Ethiopia: Visions of a Multiethnic Society, Visions of the Sociological Tradition, and The Flight from Ambiguity: Essays in Social and Cultural Theory.(Audio)

Today's Top Stories

- Anti Israel and Ethiopia protest in Somali capital
- Update on Hailu Shawel's health condition(EZ)
- ER to interview Lidetu Ayalew this Saturday
- Seattle to celebrate Ethiomedia day this Sunday
- Chavez says Castro in 'great battle for life'
- Politician-in-bikini photos raises French eyebrows
- Beckham left out of England squad