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Monday, August 14, 2006

Dr. Berhanu’s book Hits Addis Stores

And today’s other top stories!

"It is still amazing that Berhanu writes of love and compassion even after what they did to him. He is an incorrigible optimist." – Opinions from Addis. (More on this below)

Ethiopian Review Interviews ato Lidetu

(By Sintayehu Tefera, Ethiopian Politics Contributor)

Lidetu Ayalew, on his interview with ER, bombards listeners with a barrage of words in hopes of making some converts. Mr. Lidetu talks for over 2hrs mostly repeating the same thing over and over again. When anyone speaks for such a lengthy amount of time, it is hard to guard against major Freudian slips.

During this interview, Mr. Lidetu referred to Hailu Shawil as a tyrant, labeled Kinijit a dictatorial party and still managed to profess his undying devotion to the release of all the leaders. Sure! Those of us, who had the stamina to endure the full interview, were left with no doubt that Lidetu finds himself in this mess because of his unbridled ambition and great hunger for power. This side of Lidetu was very well known within Kinijit’s inner circle and is rumored to be the main reason why he was offered the vice presidency. The leaders tried to save the unity of the party by tactfully stroking his (Lidetu’s) ego. But alas! Mr. Lidetu wanted it all and was terrified of being overshadowed by the more qualified members of the party, such as Dr. Berhanu. (Listen to ato Lidetu’s Interview with ER)

Dr. Berhanu’s book hits Addis Stores

Birhanu Nega's book has already broken all kinds of sales records before even reaching the book stores. According to sources, in four days, more than 10,000 copies were sold. The reaction was equally stunning. From people who passionately kissed Birhanu's picture on the back cover to those who stayed all night reading it and failing to appear on work the next day, moving stories abound. EZ. (More...)

- Also see Dr. Berhanu Nega publishes book from prison (capital)

Today’s Top Stories

- Ethiopian forces take positions in a key Somali town on the border.
- Fresh flooding kills 125 people in southern Ethiopia
- Iran's president launches blog Site
- Fresh Castro pictures published
- Two Fox News journalists kidnapped in Gaza
- Jerry Springer vs. Tucker Carlson: Dance Off