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Thursday, August 10, 2006

KIL Chairman’s Message, More news on General Kemal, Theodore Vestal Interview and Today’s Top Stories

**Brig Gen Kemal Geltu told the BBC he had crossed the border into Eritrea to join the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)--details below!**

Theodore Vestal—Professor of Political Science, Oklahoma State University discusses Ethiopia’s political stalemate, HR5680, Somalia and aid issues with Chicago public Radio.


A Message from Kinijit North America Support Chairman and Kinijit International Committee Chairman, Major Yoseph Yazew (Read...)

The number of Ethiopian Solders that Defected now believed to be 150 or more

Brig. General Kemal Gelchi (left) and his troops (right)

"According to our reports, around 150 members of the Ethiopian army defected to Eritrea on Tuesday," an official with the UN border mission told AFP on conditions of anonymity. An Eritrean government website said the defection pointed to a growing disaffection by Ethiopians with the government, which it blamed for "suppressing the struggle of opposition organisations and failing to honour the outcome of the popular election and desperately trying to prolong its stay in power." (More...)

Ethiopian commander joins rebels (OLF)
An Ethiopian Army general says he has defected to join the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), a rebel group backed by neighbouring Eritrea. Brig Gen Kemal Geltu told the BBC he had crossed the border into Eritrea with more than 100 soldiers. He said would fight the Ethiopian government because force was the only language it understood. He said his hopes of peace had been dashed after last year's turmoil that followed disputed elections. Gen Kemal previously commanded Ethiopia's 18th army division. (More...)

(Eritrean TV report below)

Today’s Top Stories

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- Ethiopia rebels 'ready for talks'
- Study: Immigrants not hurting U.S. jobs
- 'Airlines terror plot' disrupted
- IFJ Demands release of Ethiopian Journalists, News on Brig. General Kemal and Yesterday’s top Stories