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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A New Battle in Congress: Lobbyists v Human Rights

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(Scott A. Morgan) We all noticed last fall when the American Voters decidely threw out an Incompetent Republican Congress and replaced them with the Democrats. But it is becoming clear that if WE expected a change in how things are run in Washington we were sadly mistaken.

Like in the last Republican controlled Congress A Bill that was designed to address the internal climate in an African Country that is an ally was introduced. Sadly it appears that it is travelling down the same road. If certain people have their way this legislation will not see the floor to be voted on.

H.R. 2003 which deals with Freedom Democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopia was reintroduced in the House after a journey that had some treachery in it. After clearing the House International Relations Committee (now the Foreign Relations Committee) it was tabled by then Speaker Hastert. Now under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi it may suffer the same fate as it did in the last Congress.(More...)


-Ethiopian rebel group (ONLF) says troops kill aid workers
-Questions shower Ethiopian ex-leader Negaso Gidada
-Rumblings of trouble in Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea)
-Red Cross repatriates Eritreans, Ethiopians
-UN says Mogadishu violence scaring returnees
-Spy recalls secret mission saving Ethiopian Jews
-‘Rahab S’nt Qen Yifejal?’ Reflections of a Well-Fed Visitor
-Model Liya Kebede Launches Baby Line LemLem


-UN to send peacekeepers to Darfur
-Shock at sex crimes in DR Congo
-Poll: Bad news for McCain, good news for Obama
-Rescue operation launched to free Korean hostages: report
-Sunni bloc quits Iraq govt
-Death verdicts for Iran reporters
(Iran has sentenced two dissident journalists for being "enemies of God")
-Riyadh gives talks with Israel cautious welcome
-Lottery player wins twice by mistake

Picture of the Day

(1955: First Ethiopian Jews Arrive In Israel to Attend Mizrachi Religious School. Almost all eventually return to Ethiopia as educators and community leaders. [Photo: AMIT.])

"The early origins of the falashas are shrouded in mystery, and, for lack of documentation, will probable remain so forever....There can, however, be no denying that in which the flashas have lived since time immemorial, has long been under remarkably strong Jewish influence, and that in Ethiopia the two religions, Christianity and Judaism, blended in a manner virtually unknown elsewhere in Christendom." - Richard pankhurst

-The falashas, or Judaic Ethiopians, in their Christian Ethiopian setting (Dr. Richard pankhurst)