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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ETP: Reaction and Remark


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First Press Release from CUDP leadership since freedom


ETP's Reaction to the release of the prisoners of conscience

A big “thank you and congratulations!” -- to the released prisoners. On May 2005 they opened a new chapter in Ethiopia’s history; they ignited our passion and inspired us to hope and work for a better Ethiopia.

A big “we really appreciate it!” -- to MEP Ana Gomes, Congressman Chris Smith, Congressman Donald Payne and the many more, in the U.S and EU, who supported the cause of democracy in Ethiopia. You were instrumental in freeing Ethiopia’s elected; we are deeply appreciative.

A big “what would we have done without you?” -- to EthioZagol, Addis ferengi, Lewit and the rest - who were and still are blogging from the motherland - and served as flashlights in the brutal darkness that is EPRDF’s post 2005 Ethiopia. Keep up the good work.

And finally, "a nod of recognition" -- to Ethiopia’s ruling party. It is a bit difficult giving credit to the government for releasing prisoners that it shouldn’t have jailed in the first place. It is even more difficult because of what the govt. did in the days prior to their release (the reprehensible campaign to discredit the CUDP leadership); we also can’t rule out the possibility that the ruling party may on a whim try to incarcerate them once more; Nevertheless, in the spirit of reconciliation and the positive politics that Kinijit is trying to bring to Ethiopia; we concur that releasing the prisoners of conscience was a step in the right direction - we hope many more steps will soon follow.

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ETP's remark on Diaspora Kinijit

When the CUDP leadership was incarcerated in Ethiopia, a leadership vacuum was created. The Diaspora had to fill this void and did so by establishing management committees to facilitate the struggle. Ethiopians should be very grateful and appreciative of individuals who dedicated their time, energy and finances involved in these organizations.

However, now that the CUDP leadership in Addis Abeba is back in business, it is time, as all sides have promised, to bring to an end the Dispora organizations (leadership and council) and restructure diaspora Kinijit in a manner that reflects developments in Ethiopia. Otherwise, there is a real possibility that the infighting and bickering of the Diaspora can negatively affect the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia, where the newly freed leaders are already facing many challenges.


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-Commentary on Ethiopian Socio-Cultural Rules (Maru Gubena)
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-Zimbabwe targets women protesters
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Picture of the day

(Ras Alula Aba Nega of Tigray, Ethiopia)

Some historians have characterized Ras Alula of Tigray as the most brilliant general in the records of the anti-colonial struggle. He has successfully planned and carried out military operations, protecting Ethiopia’s interests and territorial integrity, against the Ottoman Egypt at Gundet on 1875, Gura 1876, Aylet 1887, Sannhit 1880; and against the Mahdists invaders at Kufit on 1885, at Gallabat (Metemma) 1889; and against colonial Italy at Dogali 1887, Ambalage 1889, Makale 1896 culminating at Adowa on 1-2 March, 1896.(Professor Kinfe Abraham)

If Ras Alula was still alive, who do you think he would vote for, Kinijit Or EPRDF?

To answer this question, read his biography Ras Alula Abba Nega: An Ethiopian and African Hero