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Friday, July 27, 2007

Ethiopia's CUD sees bright future

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Addis Ababa - Ethiopia's main opposition party on Thursday said it was committed to political reconciliation but vowed to keep struggling for democracy in the troubled African nation.

Nearly a week after the pardon of 38 opposition figures sentenced to heavy jail terms in connection with deadly incidents that erupted in the aftermath of disputed 2005 polls, the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) issued its first statement.

The opposition alliance voiced its objections about the "propaganda" that surrounded the collective pardon, which the regime said it granted after the 38 signed a document admitting mistakes.

"We have chosen to overlook the government propaganda and not to respond in kind because it would serve no purpose other than poisoning the spirit of reconciliation that we, the elders, and the Ethiopian people in general would like to see prevailing," they said. (More...)


ETP’s Reaction to the release of the Prisoners of conscience and Remark on Diaspora Kinijit


-Hearing Today for Final Two in Ethiopia Treason Trial
-Ethiopia turns its critics into untouchables
-Former Bucknell professor, Berhanu Nega, freed
-Dr. Yacob vows to finish what he started
-Press Release from the Red Cross on expulsion from ogaden
-U.N.: Eritrea giving arms to Somalis tied to al Qaeda
-Exiled Somali MPs reject call to peace talks
-5 die in explosions in Somali capital, witnesses say
-Is Somalia a Proxy War Between Ethiopia and Eritrea?
-US, Ethiopia accused over Somalia


[AUDIO] Birtukan Mideksa (VP of Kinijit) Interview with DW
[AUDIO] Dr Hailu Araya (Spokesperson for Kinijit) Interview with VOA


-French-Libyan Nuke Deal Criticized
-Abbas's Fatah vows reform, purge after Gaza rout
-Radical Students Retake Islamabad Mosque
-Australia Frees Doctor In U.K. Plot Case
-French ex-PM faces formal inquiry
-Shocking revelations of drinking, sabotage shake NASA
-Raul Castro fills role for Fidel again
-Plant halts bleeding, speeds healing

Picture of the day

(Prince Alemayehu, Son of Emperor Tewodros)

Prince Alemayehu, born in 1861, was the son of the Empress Tiruwork and Emperor Tewodros, in a royal lineage that claims to go back to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. When British forces conquered the imperial fortress of Magdala in 1868, the emperor committed suicide rather than turn himself in.

The British, who carried back numerous treasures and war trophies, decided to bring the prince and his mother to England reportedly as hostages, but the empress died during the trip due to reasons that remain unclear. The young prince became a student at Sandhurst, the prestigious military academy, but "his was no happy life, full of difficulties of every kind, and he was so sensitive, thinking that people stared at him because of his colour, that I fear he would never have been happy," the queen is quoted as writing in her diary.(More...)