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Monday, July 30, 2007

Update from The Coalition for H.R. 2003

Congratulations to supporters of H.R.2003 for a successful first day campaign. The Coalition has been advised the fax and telephone of the House Speaker's office have been jammed all day today. The campaign will continue until the Honorable House Speaker Pelosi decides to speak out on why she decided to interfere with a human rights bill.

When calling House Speaker Pelosi's office: Please communicate your displeasure in her interference with the MarkUp of H.R.2003. Please ask the Speaker's office,

"I would like an explanation on why Speaker Pelosi does not want H.R.2003 to be calendared for MarkUP at the Foreign Affairs Committee tomorrow, July 31, 2007":

Please use the following information to contact House Speaker Pelosi at her Washington, DC office:

Telephone # 202-225-4965
Fax# 202-225-8259

District office for House Speaker Pelosi

Tel# 415-556-4862
Fax# 415-861-1670