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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Learning from HR 2003

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Learning from HR 2003

(Dessalegn Asfaw)....My point is to re-emphasize the need to treat independently the various actors in this occasion and also to treat each actor with empathy and trust. Professor Ephrem in his mediating capacity cannot be expected to campaign for H.R. 2003 and at best can be expected to remain neutral while appearing against. Besides, one person's opposition to the bill ought not make a difference, and if it does, then the Ethiopian-American lobby should blame only itself......H.R. 2003 must remain solely the task of Ethiopian-Americans. That way, if it passes, neither the mediators nor Kinijit leadership can be held responsible for its passing.(MORE...)

EFJA Journalists in trouble in Yemen

EMF (8 August 2007)-- Ethiopian Free-press Journalists who fled to Yemen after government’s crackdown on the private press in Ethiopia last year are in big trouble following the planned hunger strike in Yemen, sources said. Amharic speaking secret (TPLF) agents in Yemen are following and warning the Ethiopian journalists to keep silent. The journalists, together with several refugees in Yemen were planning a hunger strike to demand their right for asylum declared under the UN. Read previous report on Yemen Times... .. Read also Journalist Abebe in trouble in Norway.



-Ethiopia says killed 500 Ogaden rebels
-Christian Science Monitor talks to Prof. Alemayehu and Prof. Ephraim
-Ethiopia rebels warn oil companies to stay away
-Somali civilians suffering as insurgency escalates in Mogadishu
-Kuwait, Indonesia eye Somali petroleum firm
-Somali Officials Deny Selling Oil Rights
-Ethiopia football team withdraws says its because of the Millennium
-Ghana couch disappointed by Ethiopia’s withdrawal


-Historic summit brings Koreas together
-Afghan and Pakistani elders join anti-Taliban "jirga"
-Beijing Marks One Year Until Olympic Games Begin
-Russians Deny Firing Missile at Georgian City
-Scientists reveal secret of levitation
-Passenger smuggles monkey onto plane - under his hat

Picture of the day

(This handout image shows the 3.2 million year old skeleton of Lucy.AFP/HO)

Prostituting LUCY

(Prostitution = Renting/selling one’s body for money) - Ethiopian officials are sending LUCY to a six year American tour for an undisclosed amount of money. Ever since LUCY was discovered, Ethiopians were not permitted to see her; instead, a replica of LUCY was featured at the national museum. The real Lucy has only been displayed twice in Ethiopia. But now, LUCY will be leaving for a SIX year tour to the United States. Renowned U.S. museums refuse to display LUCY saying “fossils should only be removed from their vaults for "compelling" scientific purposes “. Experts agree “Lucy is irreplaceable and is now being placed at huge risk” they say. What if the plane carrying LUCY crashes? What If there is a crack, breaks or is tainted in any way; what amount of insurance money can replace a 3 million year old fossil? What is the government of Ethiopia thinking when it approved this tour? MONEY!?

-Ethiopians fret as 'Lucy' skeleton heads to U.S.
-Row sparked by US tour of 3.2m-year-old Lucy skeleton