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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Week in review

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- Weekend News and Updates


The Week in review


Weekend News and Updates


We owe Congressman Payne a great debt of gratitude for introducing and sustaining this bill; and without his personal support and attention, his unflagging commitment to freedom, democracy, human rights and accountability in Ethiopia, our efforts would NOT have generated the excitement and anticipation that has now surrounded H.R. 2003 in the U.S. Congress.(More...)

-It should be ‘Good –Feel Time’ for Ethiopia: Not the time to threaten the death Penalty! (Professor Mammo Muchie)
-Siye Abraha: Hopes and expectations (ethiomedia)
-Somali peace conference postponed (BBC)
-Ethiopians in Transformation: Becoming People of Action! (AJC)
-Antethesis of Justice (Lewit)

New Segment on ETP - Judging by the amount of e-mail we received this week regarding our new ‘picture of the day’ segment, it is safe to assume that it has become quite a hit with readers. Thank you for the encouragements and suggestions.

On Thursday, we featured Kibur Ato Kebede Mikael on ‘picture of the day’; this prompted poet Tewodros Abebe to send us this tribute poem he wrote in November of 98’ to this Ethiopian legend. Click here to read.

On a different note, the Kangaroo court is scheduled to give verdict tomorrow on the CUD case; let’s hope that once this stage show (theater) is over that the EPRDF will have the sense to begin the reconciliation process minus the mischief and trickery it is well known for.