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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Week in Review

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*Video: Europe protest (EMF)*

6 Ethiopian soldiers killed in ambush by Somalia's Islamic fighters

MOGADISHU, Somalia: Islamic fighters ambushed an Ethiopian military convoy on Sunday, killing six Ethiopian soldiers and wounding 20 others, eyewitnesses said, in the first known skirmish between the rival forces maneuvering for control in Somalia. (More...)

weekend news

ION report: The Ethiopian auditor general
Indian Ocean Newsletter N° 1202 18/11/2006

The Ethiopian auditor general was sacked from his post on 10 Nov., just a short time after he had presented Parliament with a report that was very severe on the government's management of funds.

Lemma Argaw had estimated that the government had spent 7.2 billion birrs (about $900 million) without giving justification. 4.8 billion birrs of this was by the regional administrations alone.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi had responded angrily, stating that regional administrations even had the right to ”burn the money" from federal subsidies if they felt like it. Zenawi relieved him of his functions, even though only Parliament is supposed to have the power to do so.

Also see ETP's report November 14, 2006: Prime Minister Meles gets rid of auditor who exposed government’s corruption

-Ethiopia girds for war
-Thousands demand release of immigrant convicted of mutilation
-Djiboutian president backs Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy

The Week in Review

  • Monday- Friday- 13, 2006

  • Review needed of the way Irish aid is channelled through Ethiopian regime, URGE YOUR CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS/STAFFERS TO ATTEND BRIEFING, The Artful Dodgers: Vickie Huddleston and the International Donor Community, ONLF requests Lundin to distance itself from Ethiopia’s oil, In pictures: Flood help in Ethiopia

  • Tuesday- November 14, 2006

  • Prime Minister Meles gets rid of auditor who exposed government’s corruption, the famous Peaceful civil disobedience calendar, Commission to demarcate Ethiopia-Eritrea border, Eritrea: Three journalists dead in prison

  • Wednesday- November 15, 2006

  • Human Rights in Ethiopia - The Urgent Need to Pass H.R. 5680, Annan tells neighbours: Stay out of Somalia, Stagnant Water Hampering Aid Efforts in Flood-Hit Areas, One Year Has Passed (lewit)..., 'Betrayal of Democracy' in Winnipeg Canada, The famous Peaceful civil disobedience calendar

  • Thursday- November 16, 2006

  • European Parliament condemns EU Commission's invitation to Prime Minister Meles, Letter to Commissioner Louis Michel, More than 70,000 sign Oxfam petition, Somali tensions mount after Ethiopian troop movement

  • Friday- November 17, 2006

  • Prime Minister faces protesters at EC conference, CUD Trial Update, Rising Tensions: Three Generals purged, *Is Ethiopia’s Economy really growing? (amharic), Nearly 2 million flee floods in East Africa, African leaders want EU aid, not meddling