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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Week in Review

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Heavy fighting erupts in central Somalia
Associated Press

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Heavy fighting erupted in central Somalia Sunday, a day after the transitional government rejected a peace initiative with the country's Islamic movement, officials said. (More...)

-Press Release-

Getachew Jigi (Dr)

MP of House of People’s Representatives of Ethiopia

...I have been hoping things would get better over time. But instead the situation in Oromia in particular and in Ethiopia in general is getting worse daily. This has been giving me mental torture for the last several months. Now it became so unbearable that I had to make my decision. I have been receiving death threats for speaking up against the wanton disregard for the rule of law by EPRDF. Under the circumstances my conscience could not allow me to continue to be a member of parliament... (More...)

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Lemtmerugn (poem)
[From October 23's post]
By Tewodros Abebe

The Week in Review

  • Monday- November 06, 2006

  • Breaking News: Supreme Court Judge Teshale Aberra defects, Ethiopian-Israelis clash with police, Teddy Afro released after hit-and-run allegation, Call for national reconciliation, An F for the Independent Inquiry Commission's report, Somali Islamists say battle erupted with northerners, Low IQs are Africa's curse says Idiot lecturer

  • Tuesday- November 07, 2006

  • European Commission Invites Meles to Brussels, Telecommunications: A Mad Policy, PM holds the opposition at bay, Africa's global warming hotspots named: Ethiopia one of them, Satire/commentary on current issues (Amharic), The real report is with the people:Addis Admass

  • Wednesday- November 08, 2006

  • Guardian Interview: Ethiopian judge tells of regime's massacres, The Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Calendar, Sanctions on Ethiopia Stalled in Congress, Lundin Petroleum Awarded Two Blocks in Ethiopia, Invited Stars in the Court Drama Series: Adebabay, One Chef-One Book-One Continent, U.S. gives Ethiopia US$37 million in food aid

  • Thursday- November 09, 2006

  • Ethiopia: University Student Shot Dead By Federal Police, Peaceful Rally:Kinijit Support Group in The Netherlands, Senior Ethiopia judge accuses regime of 'massive killing', Addis to Host 1st Pan-African Cultural Congress, U.S. Security Agenda in Africa, Human Development Index: Ethiopia 8th from last

  • Friday- November 10, 2006

  • U.S Congress: BRIEFING ON HUMAN RIGHTS IN ETHIOPIA THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, Farewell Mr. Hastert! Good Bye Mr. Armey! So long Mr. Zenawi!, War on terror gets Ethiopia a pass on human rights, Gebrselassie heads Fukuoka entries, Peaceful Rally - Meles’s Visit, U.S. military begins relief operations for flood victims in eastern Ethiopia, Is the Chinese Government Helping Africa’s Impoverished Nations - or Exploiting Them?