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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Guardian Interview: Ethiopian judge tells of regime's massacres

Also in the news: The Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Calendar, Sanctions on Ethiopia Stalled in Congress, Lundin Petroleum Awarded Two Blocks in Ethiopia, Invited Stars in the Court Drama Series: Adebabay, One Chef-One Book-One Continent, U.S. gives Ethiopia US$37 million in food aid

International: Dems take House and win control of Senate-AP reports, Rumsfeld departure shakes Bush administration, Bomber kills 42 Pakistani troops, Nepalese Government-Rebels Clinch Peace Deal, Iraqi PM says Saddam could hang by end of the year and more of today's top stories

US President George W. Bush(L) joins Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at the podium in the Oval Office after announcing his replacement at the White House in Washington, DC. Bush cast off his much criticized Rumsfeld, and took the blame for an election "thumping" by Democrats he admitted was driven by anger over Iraq.(AFP/Tim Sloan)

ETP November 8, 2006 - We have received numerous emails concerning the article “the Issue behind the Issues”; which discusses the split in diaspora Kinijit. The majority of these emails were supportive of the ideas expressed in the article but there were some which were critical as well. Sample emails can be found below. (Last Names are removed to protect the privacy of individuals)

Even if we are not able to respond individually to all emails, we read all messages carefully and we appreciate your input.

Diaspora leaders, one day soon - we hope, will hold important leadership Positions in Ethiopia guiding our poverty stricken land back on the right track; however, if at first sign of disagreement they decide to come apart, as seems to be the case now, clearly then our confidence in them was misplaced as they have not reached the level of political maturity Ethiopians had expected.

Hopefully, the positive feedbacks we received from readers means that instead of following or aligning themselves to this or that function - most Ethiopians in the Diaspora are mature enough to stand firm in the middle and ask both sides to join them at the center.

emails -

I read your article entitled "What really happened inside Diaspora Kinijit?". I read it with delight (since the article was very well-written) and at the same with sadness and dismay (to learn the infighting that is raging within Kinijit). In short, it gave me a clear picture on what is going on.

I hope your article will be helpful and instrumental for the divided Kinjit organization to mend their rifts and maintain a common front to resume their mission.

Thank you for writing this article and please continue your effort.

Yours sincerely,

First of all I would like to thank you for your time to write on such a wonderful issue on the right time. I am living in Ethiopia and there are no free press to know the real facts about everything. You know what whenever I opened the Government owned medias they all talk about economic growth of the country or business report in news time while you see thousands of new beggars in the street. If you see the journalists, they are all under the level of the people. When I realize the effects of such journalists and the kids following any type of entertaiment program I really feel sorry. All the entertaiment issues the journalists try to discuss about is to divert the poletical condition of the country ( which is making the country to the poorest level ever). So what I can tell is that most of we ethiopians need posetive and reasonable ideas for urgent issues.

Best regards

Thank you for your well written article regarding the current folly of the diaspora kinijit.
Though it is a good article to read and tried to buffer the tension, in my assessment, the article missed the main point. Whether it is by design or by chance, I am not able to tell.

In my perspective, the core issue of KIL is its legitimacy and accountability. These are the questions asked by many and not answered to the satisfaction of the majority.

Until that time where these issues are address, I do not think a trustworthy trend will emerge.

Excellent article!
Following up on the statements by Seattle and Ottawa, you have superbly added a voice of reason.


Guardian Interview: Ethiopian judge tells of regime's massacres

The Ethiopian government is responsible for the killing of tens of thousands of students and other critics over the past 15 years, one of the country's most senior judges, who has defected to Britain, said yesterday.

In an interview with the Guardian in London, Judge Teshale Aberra claimed the government of Meles Zenawi is as bad or worse than that of his predecessor, Mengistu Haile Mariam, which was widely condemned for human rights abuses.

"The Mengistu government killed and boasted about it. The Meles government kills and asks 'who killed them?', and then sets up an inquiry commission," Mr Aberra said. "This government may be more deadly."(More...)

English Translation of the Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Calendar:
(Lewit, a new blog)

1. Gradually, withdraw your funds from Ethiopian government and EPRDF private banks and deposit in private banks that are not associated with government agencies or agents

2. Break your existing relationship with EPRDF government or EPRDF party insurance agencies and deal with private, not government, agent insurance institutions

3. Use fliers and posters and graffiti to communicate slogans and messages in various parts of Ethiopia without risking your well being

4. Write letters and emails and make phone calls to EPRDF government officials to inform them of the agony they are creating and to plead with them to stop.

5. Use whatever safe means you find to expose and report government’s abuse of its power and its cruelty to the Ethiopian people including: human rights violation, extortion of country’s resources for personal use, embezzlement, unfair and heavy taxation on private industries, unfair competition with private industries, unfair practices in trade and legal system, heavy intimidation, etc. Please report your findings and facts to (More...)

Sanctions on Ethiopia Stalled in Congress

SAN FRANCISCO – Politicans in Washington are balking on legislation to promote political justice in Ethiopia out of concerns over terrorists finding haven in the horn of Africa.

Sanctions on Ethiopia's government over harsh treatment of political opposition are being sacrified in hopes that Ethiopia will carry the torch in stemming the rise of terrorists in its neighboring country of Somalia.

The Ethiopian Americans Council has been lobbying the Congress to pass legislation to bring sanctions on the Ethiopian government for their human rights violations. They have been active in the November elections urging citizens to vote for candidates who will support House of Representatives Bill 5680 but at present the bill’s chances of passing do not look good. (More...)

Lundin Petroleum Awarded Two Blocks in Ethiopia

...Lundin Petroleum holds a 100 percent interest in the PSC area through the exploration period, with the Ethiopian Government having an option to participate with up to 10 percent interest following a commercial discovery.

To date, no wells have been drilled in Blocks 2 or 6, but indications of light oil, gas and condensate have been documented in well tests and surface seeps to the south and east of the Blocks.

Ashley Heppenstall President & CEO of Lundin Petroleum comments: "I am pleased to announce the award of exploration Blocks 2 and 6 in Ethiopia which comes after lengthy technical efforts in the region. We are confident that the Ogaden Basin, and in particular Blocks 2 and 6, possesses all the right ingredients for future commercial oil and gas discoveries." (More...)

One Chef, One Book, One Continent

Marcus Samuelsson (seen here) was born Kassahun Tsegie in a small village northeast of Addis Ababa in 1970. Three years later his mother died in a tuberculosis epidemic, and he and his sister, Linda, were placed in an orphanage. Both were adopted by Lennart and Ann Marie Samuelsson and started a new life in Gothenburg, Sweden.

........As he shopped, strolled and cooked, he explained the motivation behind such an ambitious book. "The whole idea was to get people to the table and show them that Africa is not just all about war and AIDS and poverty," he says, his arms in motion as if conducting an invisible orchestra. "I had to describe the Africa I've seen."

What Samuelsson also saw was a great untapped book segment. "You go into Barnes & Noble, and there are a thousand Tuscany books and a thousand Chinese cookbooks, but nothing for a billion people," he says.

That was reason enough. He would persuade Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the man he calls "my Mr. Africa," to write a foreword, or there wouldn't be a foreword at all. (More...)

U.S. gives Ethiopia US$37 million in food aid

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia: The United States will donate US$37 million in wheat and peas to poverty-stricken Ethiopia, the U.S. envoy said Wednesday.

Vicki Huddleston, the top U.S. diplomat in Ethiopia, said the U.S. Agency for International Development would channel the World Food Program 70,000 metric tons (78,400 U.S. tons) of wheat and 5,000 metric tonnes (5,600 U.S. tons) of peas to distribute to hungry Ethiopian. (More...)

European Commission Invites Meles to Brussels

ETP - Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is invited by the European Commission to participate in the Presidential Plenary Session and discuss the Challenges of Governance on Friday November 17 - 9.30 to 12.00 In Brussels. Perhaps Ethiopians in Europe can provide a sample of some of the challenges he is facing to his governance: and assist in supplying the Prime Minister with more material for his speech. (More...)
-[See list of participants]

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