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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dictator of the Month!

(By Dr.Yonnas Gondemo, Ethiopian Politics Contributor)

Dictatorofthemonth dot com is an online magazine that features infamous works of “dictators, autocrats and monarchs of the world”. Dictators that have been featured on this website include: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Kim Jong Il and Mengistu Halilemariam. Ethiopianpolitics along with other concerned Ethiopian citizens has been in contact with “dictator of the month” website informing them of the atrocities committed by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. After reviewing all the evidence from all the major news sources they are finally convinced that Meles does indeed deserve this title.

This is an ongoing process, meaning everyone should go to the website and vote in order to keep his “dictator” ratings up. As stated on the DOM website “To rate each dictator a scorecard system has been developed; although somewhat subjective, this system will help visitors learn about each dictator. DOM will follow up on leads submitted by YOU, the reader- submit your vote by e-mail and watch the ratings change”

So keep the ratings up by sending your e-mails. No matter how minuscule, it is none-the-less another blow to the sitting government of Ethiopia.

Send e-mails to:

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