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Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Letter to the International Community

Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa has been in turmoil since yesterday November1, 2005. Security Forces loyal to the Meles Zenawi Regime have massacred unarmed civilians and are continuing to do so at this very moment. Elected public officials and scholars are being jailed and tortured. Among the many who have been detained and whose whereabouts are unknown are:

1. Engineer Hailu Shawel (president of the CUD)
2. Dr. Berhanu Nega (elected mayor of Addis Ababa)
3. Dr Befekadu Degeffe (member of CUD's executive committee)
4. Dr. Hailu Araya (member of CUD's executive committee)
5. Prof. Mesfin Wolde Mariam (founder of Ethiopia's Human Rights Council, EHRCO)

On the day the Security Council has voted to sanction Syria for the killing of one person, they have failed to speak out against the killings of numerous Ethiopians.We emphatically urge the international community to take an immediate action to stop these atrocities. Help us in our endeavor to build a free and democratic Ethiopia.

Dr. Yonnas Gondemo