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Friday, November 18, 2005

feel the need …….

(By Sintayehu Tefera, Ethiopian Politics Contributor)

Kinijit, as its Amharic name implies is the coming together of a variety of functions for a common good and a better political strength.

This is not an easy task in todays Ethiopia. The ethnocentric MENFES (DABILOS) tplf introduced is racking major havoc. There is the olf , the onlf, onkfkd, grfedsfsdsdf, ETC........ all vying for their chance at self determination.

As the saying goes "Careful What You Wish For". Learn from our new neighbor, or as MENGE refers to it OUR KIFLEHAGER, Eritrea. Their dream of a utopian society, with streets overflowing with milk and honey has been replaced with the horrible nightmares of SAWA and the real ISAYAS AFEWERKI whom everyone now agrees is a certified schizophrenic.

And they (Eritreans) have had over 30 years of planning with a substantial flow of income from their Diaspora. Now what is Ogaden to do if ONLFs wish is granted??......

Anyways back to the point, Kinijit and UEDF have shown us that unity can be achieved even in todays Ethiopia.
The notion of Ethiopian brotherhood is still there in most of us, dormant though it may be.
What they (CUDP, UEDF) have started in Addis Ababa (or finfine for Political reasons) we should be able to continue here ( in the U.S, Europe, ...)

AhA, but here is the catch. Do we have the strong leaders with strong Diplomatic and persuasive skills who can in the words of William Wallace (or Le BoLe lijoch Mel Gibson), unite us! Unite the clans!

CUDP and UEDF were possible because of the gigantic personalities,amenable disposition and commanding presence of its leaders. But here in the Diaspora there is a serious lack of leadership.

We need a leader .... Now that the CUDP and UEDF leaders in Addis are shipped to concentration camps by ADOLF ZENAWI.. the need to continue the struggle from here is immense.

And we need someone to lead us and unite us. UNITE the tigres, oromos, amharas, gurages ..., with a clear agenda and a focused, step by step plan of resistance.