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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eritrea accuses Ethiopia of having "declared war"

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-WAITING FOR JUSTICE: Qaliti Qalkidan on Daniel and Netsanet
-Frontline issues an appeal on behalf of Daniel and Netsanet

Eritrea said on Wednesday arch-foe Ethiopia had "long since declared war" on Asmara by refusing to implement a five-year-old border ruling marking their shared frontier.

Analysts and diplomats fear heightened tensions on the Horn of Africa rivals' frontier could erupt into a new conflict seven years after they fought a war that killed some 70,000 people.(More...)


Verdict to be passed on Ethiopian activists this Thursday
Background Notes on trial of Netsanet and Daniel


Today's Top Stories

-Ethiopia urges quick deployment of peacekeepers
-Ethiopia: Govt. denies reports of Ogaden attacks

-UN Chief to visit Ethiopia (OCHA)
-Letter to US senate committee on armed services (Keif Schleifer)
-Great Ethiopian Run Set For Sunday
-Dashen Bank to launch MasterCard
-'One million' homeless in Somalia
-Kenya repatriates refugees to Mogadishu amid protests
-Researchers, think tank key to Africa’s development
-Jolie's adopted girl conceived during rape: mother

Legend to become fact? - A major archeological find has been unearthed in Ethiopia. About 20 days ago, The Tigray Tourism Bureau, came upon an unspecified number of clay tablets with inscriptions in Sabean- the semitic lingua franca of the Sabean and later Aksumite empires and the tongue of the Queen of Sheba. The find in due time is expected to add more corroboration of the Ethiopic origins of Makeda – more famed as the Queen of Sheba – a woman who remains a hotly contested item of possession between Ethiopian and Yemenite peoples.(More...)


Obama ahead in new Iowa poll

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll of likely Democratic caucus-goers has Barack Obama leading the primary field with 30 percent, compared with Clinton at 26 percent and John Edwards at 22 percent.(More...)

-Musharraf in Talks on Exiled Rival
-French strikes escalate, economic toll mounts-
-Olmert hopes for peace deal with Palestinians in 2008
-Cambodia genocide tribunal opens
-UN HIV estimates reduced to 33m