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Monday, November 19, 2007

Ethiopia: US senator to visit country, second week of protest planned asking for support on rights bill

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-Verdict to be passed on Ethiopian activists this Thursday
-Background Notes on trial of Netsanet and Daniel


Second Week Peaceful Demonstration in Front of Senator Inhofe's Office in Oklahoma City

Senator Inhofe will be going to Ethiopia in a couple of weeks, the peaceful demonstrators will request Sentor Inhofe visit the families of the massacred people in June and November 2005. The protestors will also request that Senator Inhofe visit Daniel Bekele and Nesanet, the human rights defenders who are still languishing in jail. The protesters will request that Senator Inhofe give equal time to the opposition. Last but not least, the protesters will request Senator Inhofe give full support to H.R.2003.(More...)

Family members of a refugee from Ogaden region in Ethiopia sit on the ground in Dadaab, northeastern Kenya, November 16, 2007. The effect of the Ogaden crisis is being felt in neighbouring Kenya, where more Ogadenis than usual have been trickling into the three massive Dadaab camps.(More...)


-Ethiopia: army claims killing Ogaden rebels
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-U.S. Embassy Donates Books to Educational Institutions
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