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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Week in review plus weekend news

ETP - There are credible reports that an agreement has been reached or is close to being reached, between Jailed Kinijit Leaders and the Ethiopian government. We are all anxiously awaiting the final outcome.

However, pro-democracy Ethiopians might want to hold off on the celebrations until the democratically elected leaders actually, physically - walk out of Kality. (Now is not the time for MeZenagaT). Therefore, all of us should continue business as usual - lobbying, organizing, demonstrating, writing letters, signing petitions, etc...

Weekend Top Stories:
[TPLF dissidents forming a new party] - [Kality News, Comments] - [Mogadishu stunned by blasts despite curfew] - [Somali MP survives assassination attempt] and more of the weekend's top stories!

The Week in Review


Kality News, Comments

Opposition leaders due in court June 27 (Ethiomedia)
With No Room Left to Wiggle (Lewit)
EPRDF executive committee approves (EZ)
Loyalty and trust are truly the glue (Seblework Tadesse)
All have signed the document (Reporter)

TPLF dissidents and other prominent Ethiopians forming a new party

Somali MP survives assassination attempt

MOGADISHU, June 24 (Reuters) - Gunmen tried to kill a Somali lawmaker on Saturday night in the latest assassination attempt on a government official in the violent Horn of Africa country. Member of parliament Hussein Osman was in his house west of Mogadishu when gunmen opened fire. He told local media on Sunday he did not know who the assailants were.

"This was a well-planned plot to eliminate me," he was quoted as saying. Witnesses said Osman's security guards repulsed the gunmen after a brief but heavy exchange of fire. No one was hurt.(More...)

Seven Killed in Fighting Among Somali Soldiers

NAIROBI, June 22 -- In another sign of trouble for Somalia's transitional government, fighting erupted Friday among hundreds of government soldiers belonging to two rival sub-clans.

Seven people were killed in the brief but heavy battle near the southern coastal city of Kismaayo, home to a lucrative port and fertile farmland that the Majerteen, the sub-clan of Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf, and the Marehan, their historical enemies, would both like to control.(More...)

Also see:
-Clan fighting erupts between govt troops in south Somalia, 17 dead
-15 die as Somali troops from rival clans fight it out
-Fighting in Somali port city of Kismayo

Mogadishu stunned by blasts despite curfew

Around 11 bomb blasts have trembled overnight the Somalia’s volatile city Mogadishu despite curfew imposed by the national security commission to restore normalcy – there are no immediate casualties from the latest explosions.

The explosions followed by gunfire happened in north and south of the capital but this morning the city was quiet as the Somali government troops along with the Ethiopian forces set up checkpoints in the main Mogadishu streets.(More...)

Also see:
-Explosions rock 3 cities in Somalia
-Series of Bomb Explosions Rock Mogadishu Amid Curfew in Place
-Five killed in explosion against police in Mogadishu