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Friday, June 22, 2007

TPLF dissidents and other prominent Ethiopians forming a new party

(Dekialula) - According to reliable sources, former TPLF officials led by Gebru Asrat and other prominent Ethiopians have submitted an application to the National Electoral Board of Ethoipia for a formation of a new political party. Sources say the TPLF dissidents submitted all the necessary requirements including the party's name, program, by laws, and over 1200 signatures to the NEB in March but the electoral board has not approved their application yet.

(Picture - Gebru Asrat)

Sources say although the constitution stipulates a multiparty system, the ruling party leaders led by Sebhat Nega and Abay Tsehaye are busy preaching to their supporters/cadres that Tigreans are one and the same and no alternative party to TPLF is needed in Tigray. In fact, the government has distributed a list of the people who signed for the party formation to its cadres and the cadres in turn have started their intimidation and harassment campaign.

Many observers say this new development is a major breakthrough for Ethiopians in general and Tigreans in particular who have been yearning for a formidable alternative party for years. Sources say an overwhelming majority of Tigreans are enthusiastic by this development and hope the NEB approves their application soon.