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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Week in Review

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Weekend news: [Kenya Holding 2 Americans As Suspects] - [Ethiopia's Defar breaks world indoor record in women's 3,000 metres]

Super Bowl XLI:What's going to happen when the lights are burning bright Sunday night in Miami, Florida? Who's going to have the advantage as the game winds down? Who will be the hero when time finally expires? Those are just a few of the questions on millions of minds as the world readies to watch the Indianapolis Colts challenge the Chicago Bears.

Ethiopia's Defar breaks world indoor record in women's 3,000 metres

STUTTGART, Germany (AP) - Meseret Defar set a women's world record in the indoor 3,000 metres Saturday in a race in which the top two runners broke the old mark by more than four seconds.

The Ethiopian's time of eight minutes 23.72 seconds beat the old mark of 8:27.86 set by Lilia Schobukara of Russia on Feb. 17, 2006, in Moscow.(More...)

Kenya Holding 2 Americans As Suspects

MOGADISHU, 03/02 - Two Americans were among at least 10 foreigners caught by Kenyan police at the Somali border after allegedly fighting with Somalia`s ousted Islamic movement, an official said Friday.

One of the Americans is wanted in the U.S. for links to radical movements, the Kenyan police official said. Kenya was preparing to deport the foreigners, seized after escaping advancing Ethiopian troops who helped oust the Islamists, to their home countries.

In the Somali capital, an explosion at an Islamic school for women and girls Friday capped one of the worst weeks of violence since the Islamic group was routed and the government took on the challenge of restoring order.(More...)

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The Week in Review

  • Monday - January 29, 2007

  • [Darfur, Somalia To Top Agenda At African Union Summit in Addis] - [Ethiopian teachers union fights to survive] - [AU chooses Ghana over Sudan] - [U.S military officials: Somalia may 'revert to chaos']

  • Tuesday - January 30, 2007

  • [February 19] - [ETHIOPIA: Journalist sent back to prison over libel case dating back to 2002] - [Torture in the prisons of Ethiopia] - [Somali extremists post video warning to peacekeepers] - [Somali government to impose curfew, as forceful disarmament is due to begin] - [Ghadafi brings in cars, gold as present for leaders] - [Timely novel sheds light on chaotic Somalia] - [African leaders mull Somali force]

  • Wednesday - January 31, 2007

  • [Somali Peacekeeping Mission to Go Ahead Despite Current Troop Shortfall] - [Producer of 'YEtechekonu KeLdoch' arrested] - [Military Rule?] - [UN Security Council cuts troop levels in Eritrea-Ethiopia peacekeeping mission] - [Somalia: Mortars Fired At an Ethiopian Base, Several Injured] - [NPR: Saving the World in Ethiopia]

  • Thursday - February 01, 2007

  • [RSF: 32 Journalists Jailed in China, 24 in Cuba and Ethiopia up one spot to third with 21] - [ETHIOPIA Food Security Update:10m need humanitarian aid] - [Somali newspapers: Washington negotiating with Islamists over the release of US soldiers] - [Burundi joins Somalia peace force] - [Sheikh Sharif Ahmed released, heading to Yemen] - [Hundreds protest in Somali capital]

  • Friday - February 02, 2007

  • [Amnesty International issues urgent appeal for detained CUD members at Maikelawi] - [Islamic school for girls hit in worsening Somali violence] - [Interview: Released Islamic leader, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, rejects international forces] - [BBC: Eight killed and several seriously injured in attacks in Somalia's capital]