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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gunmen Attack Ethiopian Soldiers In Somalia, Killing one

Also in the news: [Somalia government to negotiate with Islamists] - [A Neo-Liberal Straw-man Binds This Book] - [African leaders to restate support to 2010 World Cup] - [Saving Ethiopia's Forest — And Its Women]

International: [$7.6 Billion Raised For Lebanon] - [Russian man caught trying to sell nuclear-bomb uranium in a plastic bag from his jacket pocket] - [Ford Loss in 2006 Largest in its 103-Year History] - [Father Kills Daughter; Doubted Virginity] and more of today's top stories!

EACA: 'Retract the John Thompson Legacy of A Dream Award' (Letter to the President of Georgetown University, John J. DeGioia)

A Neo-Liberal Straw-man Binds This Book

The following article takes a critical look at the synopsis of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s Dead Ends and New Beginnings for Africa”. the writer's name has been withheld upon request. He argues that the developmental state theory is simply a pretext for the Revolutionary Democrats’ continuous rule in Ethiopia, perhaps for the next half century.

Anyone who has a full time job, and I would suggest that Prime Minister of Ethiopia counts, is to be congratulated on being able to produce written work on the side, even if it is related to their employment. I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on the industriousness he has shown in completing the preliminary draft of his PhD thesis and future book.

Although it is not a completed work, it has been publicly circulating through media such as the Walta Information Centre and prompted a lot of comments. The concepts in this paper formed the basis of much of the ‘training’ for senior officials in Adama (Nazareth) a short time ago.

The main thrust of the thesis is to argue against the neo-liberal agenda, and to present an alternative which buttresses the role of the state in the economy. It also connects this economic argument to a broader social and political analysis, arguing that ‘democracy,’ defined in a way which I shall be returned to, is also a good thing for development and that social forces have to be organized to support rather than thwart economic development.(More...)

Saving Ethiopia's Forest — And Its Women

[Picture - Ethiopian orphans Maselech Mercho, left, and Mulunesh Eshetu gather wood illegally. If they fail to bribe forest guards, they are often beaten or raped]

Since she was 6 years old, Maselech Mercho has hiked up into the lush Entoto hills near Addis Ababa to gather wood, illegally, from the protected eucalyptus forests. She has no tools but her hands, so she pulls the branches she can reach, and carries out some 65 pounds of firewood on her back.

For her efforts, Maselech may earn a bit less than $1 in the local market, which she uses for food and school fees. If she is spotted by forest guards, she earns nothing, and may get beaten or raped.

"When the guards find us with wood, they beat us hard," says Maselech, who is now 10. "If we give them money, they leave us alone. If they get drunk, they try to rape us. We will scream for help, but when we scream in these forests, there is nobody to lend us a hand." (More...)

Gunmen Attack Ethiopian Soldiers In Somalia, Killing 1

KISMAYO, Somalia (AP)--Gunmen attacked Ethiopian soldiers stationed in southern Somalia Thursday, killing one and wounding another with a gunshot to the chest, witnesses said.

The violence broke out in the money exchange market in Kismayo, said Abdullahi Hassan, a money changer. "The gunmen used pistols...They have taken the Ethiopian soldiers' AK-47s," Hassan said.

Earlier this week Ethiopian troops, whose military strength was crucial to helping Somalia's government drive out a radical Islamic militia group, began their withdrawal. It was not clear when the withdrawal would be complete.(More...)

Also see: BBC: Ethiopian soldier dies in Somalia

Somalia government to negotiate with Islamists

Nairobi based Daily Standard newspaper reported on Wednesday that Somalia Prime Minister Ali Mohamed said his government wants Sheik Sharrif and his supporters to participate in the ongoing reconciliation talks.

Premier Gedi made the statement before flying from Nairobi and returning to Mogadishu. "We want all UIC officials and supporters including Sheikh Sharrif to come to Mogadishu for talks in Somalia," he was quoted as saying.(More...)

African leaders to restate support to 2010 World Cup

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 01/25 - African leaders will make a solid commitment to holding the first-ever World Cup on the continent in 2010 in South Africa when they convene here 29 January for their annual summit, a top African Union (AU) official said here Wednesday.

Bience Gawanas, the AU Commissioner for Social Affairs, said the African leaders will make a public support for the 2010 World Cup when they also declare 2007 the Year of African Football.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter is due here for the launch of the Year of African Football on Sunday, which will be marked by a ceremonial match between the Ethiopian and South African Under-15 teams. (More...)

Today's Top Stories

-$7.6 Billion Raised For Lebanon
-Russia offers to build India 4 nuclear reactors
-Georgian Sting Seizes Bomb Grade Uranium (A Russian man caught trying to sell nuclear-bomb graded uranium in a plastic bag from his jacket pocket)
-Ford $12.7 Billion Loss in 2006, Largest Annual Loss in its 103-Year History
-Father Kills Daughter; Doubted Virginity
-Actor Whitaker on 'finding' Amin
-Men arrested for murdering "ghost" brides