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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yalemzewd Bekele released

Unconfirmed report: Eftin (a pro-government newspaper) is reporting the release of Yalemzewd Bekele Along with Mr.Abdulkadir Abdi, Mr. Adane Shewa and Fasil Assefa: check back with ETP for more details as they become available
**(update)** Ethio-Zagol has now confirmed this news. Yalemzewd Bekele is out on bail

Also in the news: Smithsonian OPPOSES Lucy’s tour, Ethiopian Soldiers ordered not to engage in discussions, Starbucks roasted over African dispute, ICU Prevent Gasoline from Reaching Somalia's Government, Prize offered to Africa's leaders, Eritrean fatally shot and more of todays top stories

Ethiopian Soldiers ordered not to engage in discussions

The Eritrean ministry of information is reporting that four Ethiopian soldiers have arrived in Eritrea seeking asylum. The soldiers, the ministry said, disclosed that the TPLF regime has given orders preventing Army members not to engage in discussion in more than two.

The defecting soldiers are Abebe Gebisa Sorecha, Ermias Gebre Woldesenbet, Sew-Bihon Atali Mola and Abadi Berhau Mengesha.(source)

Smithsonian Natural History Museum OPPOSES Lucy’s tour

"Not only is it not going to come to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, it is our position that we don't think it should leave Ethiopia," museum spokesman Randall Kremer said Wednesday.

Smithsonian scientists feel certain objects, such as Lucy, are too valuable to travel and should remain in their homes, he said.

The Smithsonian Institution, often called "America's attic," is considered the country's premier grouping of museums, covering subjects from history to science to aviation to art to the National Zoo. It was founded in the 19th century with a bequest by British scientist James Smithson

Prize offered to Africa's leaders

A $5m prize is offered to Africa's most effective head of state, in an effort to combat poor leadership.

UK-based mobile phone entrepreneur Mo Ibrahim - who was born in Egypt - is behind the plan to rate governance in 53 African countries each year. The contest, launched in London, will award winning leaders $5m (£2.7m) over 10 years when they leave office, plus $200,000 (£107,000) a year for life.

"We need to remove corruption and improve governance," Mr Ibrahim said.(More...)

193 Protesters Said Killed in Ethiopia: [Forbes]

Ethiopian security forces fatally shot, beat or strangled 193 people protesting election fraud last year, triple the official death toll, a senior judge appointed to investigate the violence said.

Wolde-Michael Meshesha, a vice chairman of the 10-member inquiry, accused the government of trying to suppress the results of the probe amid sharp questions about Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's commitment to democratic reform.(More...)

Starbucks roasted over African dispute

THE global coffee company Starbucks is opposing an Ethiopian plan to get a bigger share of its coffee trade for poor farmers, the international aid agency Oxfam says.

The Ethiopian Government has filed applications in the US to trademark three famous Ethiopian coffee names - Sidamo, Harar and Yirgacheffe. This could earn Ethiopia's coffee industry and farmers an estimated $116 million extra a year.(More...)

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