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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Week in Review

Catch-up on major news events you missed in the past week-Plus the weekend’s top stories!

weekend top stories

In the news this weekend: Significant number of judges resigning says reporter, ION on defection of Ethiopian diplomats and officers, kidnapped ICRC workers released, Osama bin Laden dead?, Ethiopian’s face great danger on ships to Yemen, Ethiopian Human Rights Lawyer Refused Entry and more of the weekend's top stories!

Federal Courts of Ethiopia burdened as more judges resign

Courts are increasingly being burdened by shortage of judges as the number of those resigning is on the rise. Reliable sources told The Reporter that a significant number of judges have already handed in their resignation to the judicial administration commission and are expected to resign this year. Last year more than ten judges resigned. The same sources said that most of the resigning judges were from the first instance court.(More..)

Red Cross hostages released without harm in Ethiopia

A rebel group released two international Red Cross workers Saturday, five days after abducting them in a remote part of eastern Ethiopia. The United Western Somali Liberation Front said it mistook the men for oil workers exploring in the Ogaden region, which is largely inhabited by ethnic Somalis. Somalia lost control of the region to Ethiopia in 1977, but the rebels say it belongs to them. "The abductors contacted us today and released the men unharmed and without conditions," said Patrick Megevand, spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ethiopia.(More...)

Meles' former chief of protocol defects
Indian Ocean Newsletter N° 1195 23/09/2006

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi ’s former head of protocol, who had accompanied him on several international State visits, has defected. According to Diplomatic sources, Addis Abadi Tesfaye , who had become Consular Attaché of the Ethiopian embassy in Ottawa (Canada) has recently left his post and asked for political asylum in the United States. He is not the only person to have done so. Daniel Ikubesillasie , third secretary and financial attaché of the Ethiopian embassy in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) did likewise.

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Ethiopian Human Rights Lawyer Refused Entry Into Britain

Prominent Ethiopian human rights lawyer Derbew Temesgen Meshesha, who is supposed be addressing a seminar on ‘Public Order, State Security and Press Freedom in Ethiopia’ at the Royal African Society next week and the Frontline (journalists) Club, has been refused an entry visa by the British Embassy in Addis Ababa. This is despite expectations from Foreign and Commonwealth officials in London who were hoping he could brief them on the current situation in the Horn of Africa. Meshesha was also set to address a meeting at the Frontline Club on the situation in the Horn of Africa.(More...)

Ethiopians beaten to death on ships to Yemen - U.N.

Dozens of African migrants crossing the Gulf of Aden to Yemen died this month, many after smugglers beat them and threw them overboard, sometimes just for requesting water, the U.N. refugee agency said on Friday. Some 2,143 people from Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan made it to shore in Yemen, Redmond said. Survivors said some of their fellow passengers were beaten to death with wooden and steel clubs, and others died when the rickety vessels capsized. "Upon departure, the smugglers confiscated water and food, including dates," Redmond said, citing witness reports from a recent sailing from Somalia to Yemen. "Survivors said people on the boats were beaten and thrown overboard by smugglers just for requesting water." (More...)

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