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Monday, September 18, 2006

The First Stop for the EU High-Level Delegation Visit of the AU should be Kalati Prison!

Also in the News:Public Demonstration NY, Jailed leaders protest, Hooray Wolfowitz, shopping in Paris, Gebre Mariam’s speech, Football aid for Ethiopia and more of today's top stories


Please contact immediately Congressman Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and request that he allow H.R. 5680 to go the floor for a final vote without any further delay. Every one needs to call the Speaker’s office as many times as necessary to get the message across.

Contact Speaker Hastert at the following numbers:
Phone: 202-225-2976
Fax: 202-225-0697
For Further information contact:
Tel# 323-988-5688
Fax# 323-924-5563

(...More urgent news from HR5680 task force)

By the Network of Ethiopian Scholars (NES) Scandinavian Chapter

A person of morality takes harmony as his criterion, but he does not follow others blindly and can speak out what he thinks right.’
- Confucius, Chinese Sage

In his new book: ‘As the Dawn of Freedom Breaks’ Dr. Berhanu wrote:

“I am writing this book entirely devoid of any type of hatred. I know any idea and politics built on hatred is self-defeating and destructive and not productive. Being imprisoned by the forces of the regime has not changed this position by me. Far from prison weakening my position, in fact being in prison has strengthened my belief that hate is a feeling that one not at all ca afford to being burdened with. I held this view during the election campaign; I feel it more strongly now in prison.” (Berhanu Nega, As the Dawn of Freedom, Kalati Prison, 2006)(Translation by NES)

1. Introduction

Three events are taking place at the same time. The announcement by the European Commission to travel to Addis Ababa to negotiate a deal to stem African immigration to Europe; a month of September signalling that Ethiopia is being near a throw away time to its millennium next year, having just entered its 1999 years on 9/11; and the start of a major launch of the path breaking book authored by Dr. Berhanu who is now for nearly a year in Kalati prison on 17, September, 2006 in the USA.(More...)

Hooray Wolfowitz, boo Hillary Benn

"We simply cannot afford to turn a blind eye when we encounter corruption involving our projects ... It means that money should be going to build clinics and schools and provide adequate housing for the poor (and not) to enrich corrupt individuals,"
-Paul Wolfowitz
British government wants the World bank to have fewer rules attached to the loans it gives to developing countries.
- Hilary Benn
The World Bank, for the most part, used to avoid mention of corruption, believing it should stay out of "politics." Paul Wolfowitz current President of the World Bank has challenged this culture. Many, including Britain's international development secretary Hilary Benn, are intensely criticizing Mr. Wolfowitz agenda. It is clear the World Bank’s policy so far has made little difference in the lives of the poor, it is time to try a new approach; by demanding more accountability and transparency Mr. Wolfowitz is moving the World Bank in the right direction.

Current news on this issue: IMF reform, World Bank graft plan both approved

A dignitary goes shopping in Paris
Indian Ocean Newsletter N° 1194 16/09/2006

(This is an Indian Ocean Newsletter report, unfortunately it does not disclose the identity of the individual featured in the story)

An official of the governing coalition EPRDF and member of the central committee of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF, the dominant party in Addis Ababa) went shopping in the luxury stores in Paris this week. He made a stop in Paris on his way home from the United States, spending almost 18,000 euros (over 190,000 birrs) since the beginning of this week on perfume, women’s clothes and handbags in Champs Elysée Sephora, Louis Vuitton to name but a few.
Prof. Alemayehu Gebre Mariam’s speech at the premier of the documentary "Betrayal of Democracy"

"From the first tyrants of ancient Athens to the present day, they are all afflicted by the same malady.They all believe they can rule by force.They do not believe it is necessary to have the consent of the people to govern.

They believe they can solve the problems of their society by jailing, killing and persecuting those who disagree with them. And the rogue’s gallery of tyrants in East Africa testifies to that. Al Bashr betrayed democracy in the Sudan. Said Barre in Somalia. Idi Amin in Uganda. And Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia. In May 2005, Mr. Zenawi had a serious collision with democracy. He was injured badly, and he will never be the same again.

A Grand Public Demonstration

Once hailed as one of Africa's new model leaders, Meles Zenawi's democratic credentials are under assault from growing ethnic and political rifts. Regardless of what the West does to sustain him in power, the people of Ethiopia are determined to overthrow him by peaceful means if they can or by force if they must. Since Meles Zenawi has committed democide as a result of his regime murdering citizens for political reasons, the Ethiopian Diaspora have organized themselves to confront the tyrant when he appears at their turf in the United States. Ethiopians who reside in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York will be coming to the United Nations in New York City on September 22nd to show their solidarity with the people of Ethiopia.(More...)

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-Arabs Vs Africans in Somalia, Sudan Crises
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-Shark that walks on fins is discovered
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