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Friday, July 28, 2006

Unconfirmed Report

Since late yesterday afternoon, we have been receiving updates from several sources regarding the planned visit by Mr. Lidetu and his colleagues to the United States.

According to the information we received;

Mr. Lidetu Ayalew along with his MP colleagues is expected to arrive in the United States on July 31, 2006 at the invitation of the US department of States' international visitor leadership program. According to reports, individuals invited by the state's international visitor leadership program are:

·Ledetu Ayalew Mehretu EDP-Medhin chairman, Member of House of Rep.;
·Olbamo Ayele Chamiso Deputy Chairman of the coalition for Unity and Democracy;
·Anore Ayele Seyoum Excutive member of Social Democracy Party, member of House of Rep.;
·Woldemichael Temesgen Zewoude, Member of House of Rep.
·Mesfin Namarra Dressa member of House of Rep.;
·Ms. Yetbarek Mesrk Mekonen, Speaker of the Amhara National regional Council.

These visitors are invited under the auspices of the department of State's international visitor leadership program. This program is arranged by the voluntary visitors division of the office of international visitors.

N.B – Again, the above information is yet to be confirmed by a major news outlet. It is also not clear if indeed Mr. Lidetu and his colleagues intend to campaign against HR 5680.

Whatever the case maybe, we urge everyone to refrain from emotional outbursts/immature acts and voice their opposition in a controlled, well organized and professional manner - hence making it much harder for EPRDF to label the diaspora opposition as utterly “radical”.
Meanwhile in Lebanon, IOM is continuing to evacuate stranded Ethiopians.