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Thursday, July 27, 2006

2 Cents Worth

(By Hirut Abay, Ethiopian Politics Contributor)

We have been asked, as were other bloggers and web site administrators, to comment on an article that outlines the need for a forum to facilitate & coordinate the struggle for democracy; posted on several websites, entitled “A timely appeal to fellow Ethiopians”.

And I have been delegated, by my fellow Ethiopian Politics contributors, to write a short remark of our thoughts regarding this proposition. While we are not sure how exactly this forum is supposed to work, the idea is commendable. A forum, which facilitates a steady stream of diverse and fresh ideas/strategies, will do the struggle - to bring about democracy and justice in Ethiopia - a world of good. We have expressed our readiness to participate in this undertaking.

On a different note, Seminawork is reporting that Mr. Lidetu Ayalew (seen here on the cover of his book) and Mr. Temsgen Zewde are coming to the US to persuade law makers to vote against HR 5680. In the past Mr. Lidetu has managed to astonish many of us with his erratic conduct, but if true, this one surely takes the cake. There is no question Mr. Lidetu’s remaining political life consists of a maximum of four years; that is, if the EPRDF manages to stay in power for that long. He has been burning bridges left and right.

Come next election, there is no way his A.A constituents will re-elect him even if he was running against, say, Prime Minister Zenawi. Knowing this, Ato Lidetu is reduced to attempting to sustain the very system he and his former colleagues wrestled with for so long. This story, (again) if true, snuffs out any flickering hope some had of the eventual return of the prodigal son.