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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NY Times: New York Times Journalists detained, beaten and threatened By Ethiopian Military Personnel


A NEW YORK TIMES report says Ms. Vick (journalist) was kicked in the back, and all three reporters were repeatedly threatened!

NEW YORK TIMES, May 22, 2007 -- Three journalists for The New York Times were arrested by the Ethiopian military on May 16 in the Ogaden region of the country, held for five days and interrogated at gunpoint, and then released on Monday without any charges being lodged against them, The Times said today.

(Picture - New York Times reporter Jeffrey Gettleman)

The three journalists — Jeffrey Gettleman, 35, Nairobi bureau chief; Vanessa Vick, 43, a photographer; and Courtenay Morris, 34, a videographer — were reporting on the conflict in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia when they were detained by soldiers in the town of Degeh Bur.

While in detention, they were moved to three different jails before being released from a prison in Addis Ababa on Monday. The three journalists, who have now left Ethiopia, said they were never told why they were detained, and that Ethiopian military officials refused to notify the American embassy of their arrest. During questioning, Ms. Vick was kicked in the back, and all three were repeatedly threatened.(More...)

Ethio-Zagol, as usual, was the first to break this story. Excellent Job EZ

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