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Friday, May 04, 2007

The Commissioner's New best Friend

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[Starbucks to recognise Ethiopian coffee brands] - [Ethiopia dismisses criticism over press freedom] - [Somalia: Attempted assassination spoiled, tensions high in Kismayo] - [Former Warlord Sworn in As Mayor of Mogadishu Calls on Residents to Disarm]

[GOP presidential candidates embrace Reagan legacy in debate] - [Tony Blair's Party Battered in Elections] - [Sarkozy 'ahead' in French presidential race] - [Carlos the Jackal to Face Trial in Paris] and more of today's top stories!

(The Addis Abeba monument of Miyaziya 27, celebrating the contribution of Ethiopians who courageously fought and died resisting fascist Italy's invasion )

This coming saturday (May 5) is Miyaziya 27 in Ethiopian calendar, 'Ethiopian Patriots Victory Day'. Below is a short true life account of an Ethiopian arbegna (warrior) who took part in the battle against the Italian invasion.

Presented by Tewodros Abebe


VOA’s talked about interview with Berhane Mewa, Lieutenant Ayalsew Dessie and Ato Lidetu Ayalew on EDUP-Medhin’s strange announcement last Friday, April 27 - concerning the party's new modus operandi.

PART 2 and comments from listeners

The Commissioner's New best friend

European Union Development Commissioner Louis Michel gave a warm welcome to President Isaias Afwerki despite allegations of human rights violations, praising his diplomacy over Sudan.


BRUSSELS, May 4 (Reuters) - The European Commission embraced Eritrea's controversial government on Friday in the search for a comprehensive solution to a range of conflicts across the Horn of Africa, from Darfur to Somalia.

European Union Development Commissioner Louis Michel gave a warm welcome to President Isaias Afwerki despite allegations of human rights violations, praising his diplomacy over Sudan and his decision to ban the excision of young girls.

"I was very, very honoured to receive him in the Commission," the Belgian commissioner gushed at a joint news conference.

"This is a main event, an important event, an international signal for the EU and for Eritrea. I have very high expectations in this new kind of relations between the Commission and Eritrea."(More...)

Also see:
-Letter to human rights groups from the Ethiopian community in Europe (concerning the commissioner's friendship with the anti-human rights regime in Ethiopia)
-EU observers' report on the Ethiopia Trials SUPPRESSED by Commissioner Michel

-European Parliament condemns EU Commission's invitation to Prime Minister Meles

Ethiopia dismisses criticism over press freedom

ADDIS ABABA -- The Ethiopian government Thursday dismissed criticism of its record on press freedom, saying that recent reports from rights watchdogs were based on unfounded allegations.

"We regret that these reports are not based on research but only on allegations. If they were based on research the Ethiopians would welcome them," said information ministry official Fantahun Asres.

Media rights groups Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the International Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) released separate reports this week in which Ethiopia was singled out for criticism.(More...)

Starbucks to recognise Ethiopian coffee brands

Starbucks Coffee Company and the Government of Ethiopia have agreed to sign a licensing, distribution and marketing agreement recognising the country’s specialty coffee names.

Government spokesperson Getachew Mengistie said: “Ethiopia is committed to work in partnership with all international specialty coffee companies and distributors of its coffees, including the Harar, Sidamo and Yirgacheffe brands.

“We realise our approach to trade marking and licensing is a new approach which not only meets the needs of small Ethiopian fine coffee farmers and traders but also the coffee roasting and distributing companies and their customers.”(More...)

Somalia: Attempted assassination spoiled, tensions high in Kismayo

KISMAYO, Somalia May 3 (Garowe Online) - A deadly mine explosion in the southern Somali port of Kismayo killed at least one person overnight Wednesday, residents and officials said.

Local officials confirmed that the landmine explosion, which thundered throughout the seaside city, killed one of the 3 individuals who were planting the bomb.

Police officials said the other suspects were being pursued. No group has claimed responsibility for the unsuccessful planting of the landmine.

Witnesses said the landmine exploded prematurely on the road leading to the Kismayo airport, where a Somali federal government delegation led by the interior minister planned to fly from early Thursday.(More...)

Former Warlord Sworn in As Mayor of Mogadishu Calls on Residents to Disarm

A former warlord who has long lived by his gun was sworn in as mayor of Mogadishu on Friday and immediately ordered residents of the Somali capital to get rid of their weapons.

But Mayor Mohamed Dheere offered no clear details on how that could be accomplished in a city awash in Kalashnikov rifles, machine guns and hand grenades. Previous efforts to get residents to give up their weapons have been unsuccessful.

"No weapons are allowed in the city," Dheere, who spent 16 years as a warlord struggling for power in this Horn of Africa nation, said at his inauguration ceremony. "Anyone who violates this directive will be punished."(More...)

GOP presidential candidates embrace Reagan legacy in debate

(Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani stands with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) at the GOP presidential candidates debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, May 3, 2007. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)

Ten Republican presidential candidates wanting to succeed President Bush embraced a more popular president, conservative icon Ronald Reagan, at every turn in their first debate of the 2008 race.

"Ronald Reagan was a president of strength," Mitt Romney intoned. "Ronald Reagan used to say, we spend money like a drunken sailor," said John McCain. And Rudy Giuliani praised "that Ronald Reagan optimism."

The world, however, is far different today than it was some 25 years ago when the nation's 40th president relaxed at his retreat in the rolling hills of southern California.(More...)

Sarkozy 'ahead' in French presidential race

(France's Socialist Party presidential candidate Segolene Royal (R) and UMP political party presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy(L))

French conservative Nicolas Sarkozy extended his lead after a television debate with Socialist rival Segolene Royal and stayed on course for victory in Sunday's election, opinion polls showed on Thursday.

A poll for the Opinionway institute showed 53 per cent of viewers found Sarkozy more convincing during the sometimes fiery debate, against 31 per cent who judged Royal better.

A separate survey by the same polling organisation gave Sarkozy, who has come out on top in over 100 opinion polls since the start of the year, an eight point lead with 54 per cent support, versus 46 per cent for Royal.(More...)

Carlos the Jackal to Face Trial in Paris

(Undated 1970s file of Illich Ramirez Sanchez, also known as " Carlos The Jackal".(AP Photo/French Police)

The jailed Venezuelan terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal is to face trial for his alleged role in deadly terror bombings in 1982 and 1983 in France, a judicial official said Friday.

Top anti-terror judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere renowned for tracking down Carlos, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez ordered him to stand trial for the four attacks, which killed 12 and injured at least 100, a judicial official said on condition of anonymity. Such officials are not authorized to speak to the media about such matters.

Ramirez, 57, is serving a life sentence in France for the 1975 murders of two French secret agents and an alleged informer. He gained international notoriety as the Cold War-era mastermind of deadly bombings, killings and hostage dramas.(More...)

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