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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Week in Review

  • Monday - December 18, 2006

  • [Free our leaders, stop the war] - [Yemen And Sudan Urge Ethiopia to Pull Its Troops Out of Somalia] - [International Court Close to Filing Darfur War Crimes Charges] - [289.7 million birr for Ethiopia's Millennium Festival] - [What is the point of war with Somalia?] - [Somali Islamists hint they are open to talks with Ethiopia]

  • Tuesday - December 19, 2006

  • [Mass detentions in Addis] - [ION: Somalia as a backdrop] - [Internet Anti-Jamming Technology Companies Reach Milestone Agreement] - [In the Name of...Justice?] - [Guns silent as Somali Islamists' deadline passes]

  • Wednesday - December 20, 2006

  • [Heavy fighting erupts in Somalia] - [Many in Ethiopia See Premier's Talk of War As Ploy to Tighten Grip] - [EU Envoy makes bid to avoid war in Somalia ] - [In response to the Interview With Meles Zenawi]

  • Thursday - December 21, 2006

  • [Smith: New State Dept. Policy Puts Internet Repressive Regimes on Notice] - [Somali fighting is 'full scale war' - Islamist] - [Many Ethiopians take dim view of burgeoning war with Somalia]

  • Friday - December 22, 2006

  • [Tanks roll towards battlefront as UIC claims killing of Ethiopian soldiers] - [Addis Ababa: Police kill a young man escaping round-up] - [SOCEPP: OPEN LETTER TO THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT] - [Thousands Flee Fighting in Somalia] - [Ethiopia‚Äôs government media struggling to sell war with Somalia]