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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Week in Review

Catch-up on major news events you missed in the past week-Plus the weekend’s top stories!

In the news this weekend: Yemen: Concerns over Ethiopian detainees, Somali: government-Islamists trade artillery barrages for second day (Somali’s president Abdullahi Yusuf joins the war in his military fatigue uniform ), (Excerpt) Looking at Forgotten Events Conducive to a Mature Political Culture: Dr.Maru Gubena

[Pictures from the ACP conference held this past week]. Meles Zenawi (left), Omar Hassan al-Bashir and Robert Mugabe (right) were all in Khartoum participating in the 5th African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Summit of Heads of State and Government. ('The week in review' segment has more on the conference)

Yemen: Concerns over Ethiopian detainees

UNHCR continues to appeal to the Yemen government to abide by its international obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention and provide UNHCR with access to this group and other new arrivals who could fear persecution in their country of origin.

The number of Ethiopians arriving from Somalia has increased over the past month. Many Ethiopians do not register for fear of being deported and instead attempt to travel on to the Gulf States. (More...)

Somali government, Islamists trade artillery barrages for second day

Witnesses spotted President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed donning a military uniform aboard a pick-up truck mounted with machine guns in Baidoa, an unusual sight and indication of the seriousness of the latest escalation.

MOGADISHU (AFP) - Somalia's faltering government and powerful Islamists exchanged artillery fire for the second day near the government seat as the deadly escalation pitched the country closer to all-out war.

After an overnight lull, rival forces resumed clashes in villages south of Baidoa, stronghold of the government that the Islamists have threatened to take, witnesses and officials said. "The fighting has resumed and it is raging in the same area as yesterday," Sheikh Osmail Addo, Islamic commander in the country's Bay region, told AFP.(More...)

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Looking at Forgotten Events Conducive to a Mature Political Culture for Ethiopia (Excerpt)

(The importance of the resignation of the Aklilu Habte-Wold led parliament to Ethiopia’s political history)

(by Dr.Maru Gubena)

As shown by the historical records of the past three decades, the people’s power has not been effective in Ethiopia. It is therefore difficult to consider this power as a source of protection for political leaders who are ready to take risks. In practical terms, the people’s power in Africa, and in Ethiopia, in particular, is radically different from the experience in Latin America, Asia and, as seen in recent political events, in many countries of the former East Block.(More...)

The Week in Review

  • Monday - December 04, 2006

  • Somalis rally against U.S. peacekeeping plan---Sheikh Alamoudi's yacht---Isayas A fewerki rebuffs Condoleeza Rice---Somalis rally against U.S. peacekeeping plan---Somalia’s Islamists deny they met with Ethiopian minister---Ruth Negga-a star without a label

  • Tuesday - December 05, 2006

  • Dr. Abdul Mejid Hussain’s widow refuses to endorse war with Somalia---Ethiopia Says It Is at War With Somalia---Ethiopia eliminated from East Africa's Cecafa---Tolerating Dissent and Admitting to Mistakes are Signs of Good Leadership: Enset

  • Wednesday - December 06, 2006

  • Eritrea says Ethiopian soldiers defecting opposing invasion of Somalia---Ethiopia's Mengistu H/Mariam verdict due next week---TRUE DISCIPLES OF DEMOCRACY SHALL BE FREE by Aie Zi Guo

  • Thursday - December 07, 2006

  • Band of brothers? Meles, Mugabe elect Bashir to head ACP---China Cuba Eritrea and Ethiopia currently the top four Journalist jailers in the World---War is not the choice of the Ethiopian People---Ethiopia demands a Replay (CECAFA)

  • Friday - December 08, 2006

  • Somalia-Ethiopia Heavy Fighting reported