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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Interview with HE Major Yoseph Yazew Chairman of CUDP USA Support Committee

(Interviewer - Paulos Dandego, Ethiopian Politics Contributor)

The recent alliance between the various opposition groups has stirred quite a bit of controversy. Ethiopian Politics recently had the chance to pose key questions to someone present at the alliance meetings representing the CUDP. HE Major Yoseph Yazew Chairman of CUDP USA Support Committee gave us a candid interview and shared his views on the formation of the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD).

We would like to thank Kinijit USA - in particular Major Yoseph Yazew and Dr. Seyoum Solomon (Head of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations Kinijit, North America) for their forthcoming cooperation.


Addis Voice summarised the interview saying:

"Chairman of the North American CUDP Chapter, Major Yoseph Yazew, said the formation of AFD became fruitful after long and relentless efforts. In An interview with Ethiopian Politics blog, he explained that AFD created a great opportunity to fill the gulf of division intently created by the Meles regime. The alliance is primarily focused on seeking peaceful resolutions to the complicated political crisis in Ethiopia, according to Major Yoseph. He believes that AFD will help consolidate the unity of Ethiopians who have divergent political stands. He cautioned that the TPLF is desperately trying to abort the alliance and some people, who claim to represent the views of Kinijit and OLF, should desist from helping TPLF's sinister endeavours to break up AFD. Major Yoseph praised the leaders of the OLF for taking such a bold measure in joining the alliance that was made possible by a "good spirit of trust."