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Monday, February 20, 2006

Mengistu unleashed in Zimbabwe

The former military ruler of Ethiopia, Ex-dictator Mengistu Halilemariam, has not been sitting idly waiting for time to take its course. New allegations are surfacing that accuse the colonel of dabbling in Zim. politics. A Zimbabwean news service is reporting it has acquired evidence that proves Mengistu was the brains behind a recent controversial “clean-up” campaign that left millions homeless. According to ZimOnline, mengistu has been Mugabe's security adviser for quite sometime.

Here’s an excerpt from the article

“(Mengistu) first suggested the slum clearance idea to Mugabe in February, at one of the regular meetings he holds with the president and other senior security chiefs from the army, the CIO and the police………………. Other meetings chaired by Mengistu followed, during which video clippings of Zimbabwe's 1998 food riots, as well as footage of mass uprisings in the Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Ethiopia, were shown to the group, which called itself Operation Murambatsvina's "high command"…………………… Mengistu then prepared a final document on the operation, which he submitted to Mugabe. The president endorsed it. Operation Murambatsvina, according to the plan, was to be implemented in phases, starting with flea markets suspected of fuelling economic crimes, mainly illegal foreign-currency trade."

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